Thomas C. Short & Associates  LLC
Insurance Consultants to the Material Handling Industry

2943 Eastern Avenue    Cincinnati,  OHIO  45226
Telephone: 513 321 7902    Fax: 513 321 7903

Founded in 2000, Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC
is an independent insurance consulting firm that
provides expert, unbiased risk management guidance
to the Material Handling Industry.  We specialize in a
wide variety of Property and Casualty Risk
Management and Contract Management services
designed to enhance or create your risk management
program.  Since we do not sell insurance, we are able
to evaluate your risk management program with an
impartiality and objectivity that an agent or broker
simply cannot provide.

If Empire Insurance Company is affording your dealership
coverage, you should begin to look for alternatives.  This
underwriter is indicating to various dealers that they no longer
wish to insure dealerships.  Call us for alternatives.

Contract Management entails the review of your customer’s and
allied product supplier’s contract language to ensure that the
indemnification clause is fair, and that you are in compliance with
the requested insurance clause.   Managing your subcontractor’s
insurance certificates, and ensuring that you do not assume your
subcontractor’s negligence is an area we specialize in.

Our goal is twofold :  reduce your costs, and improve the quality of
your asset protection.   From a one-time audit project to full
ongoing services,   we utilize our extensive resources to achieve
tangible results for you.   We do not sell insurance.   Our
independence from insurance companies, brokers,  and agents
allows us to provide an unbiased and objective approach to your
needs.   We are not under pressure to advise you to buy certain
products from certain suppliers.

Property and Casualty Risk Management involves the
preservation of your organization's property and
income,  along with reducing your potential liability and
human exposures to loss. This is accomplished by
identifying, analyzing, controlling, and financing loss
exposures. The goal is to maximize the effectiveness
of risk control and risk financing techniques to provide
the best protection for your organization's assets at the
least possible cost.

Thomas C. Short & Associates LLC is not involved in the sale of insurance or insurance products.
The service offered is quality risk management to the Material Handling Industry