Thomas C. Short & Associates  LLC
Insurance Consultants to the Material Handling Industry

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Thomas C. Short & Associates LLC is not involved in the sale of insurance or insurance products.
The service offered is quality risk management to the Material Handling Industry

Insurance Policy Reviews

Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC will conduct an in-depth review of your insurance policies and your insurable exposures to loss.  
This review results in an insurance audit summary with recommendations for improvements.  Topics addressed in the report include:

•        Discrepancies between proposed coverage and the actual coverage
•        Duplicate areas of coverage
•        Gaps between policies
•        Premium competitiveness
•        Property valuation
•        Coverage deficiencies
•        Liability limits
•        Deductibles
•        Purchasing suggestions

Competitive Marketing

Let Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC help you take advantage of the marketing process to achieve optimal coverage at the best
possible price, without sacrificing program continuity. Our marketing process consists of the following:

•        Take advantage of the prevailing market conditions
•        Introduce structured competition
•        Approach markets that have specific terms and conditions for the Material Handling Industry.
•        Formulate a set of comprehensive coverage specifications tailored to your operation
•        Coordinate the efforts of all participants so that results will be maximized.
•        Analyze the proposals and provide the results and recommendations

At first glance, it would seem odd  for companies to look to a consultant to evaluate and select their insurance providers;  however,
independent material handling dealers and manufacturers trust Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC  to oversee agent/broker
competitions.    Why:

Neutrality   Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC  is  independent.   Our allegiance is only to the client and the client's best interest.
Under Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC, the broker selection process is completely free of favoritism.   Every competing broker
has a fair chance to win because the client's benefit is the determining factor.   We guard our independence with great zeal.

Experience  Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC's  experienced professionals understand the broker selection process.   As
professionals with years experience within the risk management profession,  we know how to properly assess exposures and
insurance programs of all types.  Plus, our international experience is unparalleled in the industry.

The Right Approach  At Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC,  we use a "conceptual" broker selection process, which puts no
pressure on the insurance markets.    We believe in assessing the skills,  talents,  and plan design of competing brokers, giving a true
picture of which broker is best for the job.

Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC is the  perfect alternative to giant consultants and accounting firms, neither of which know risk
management like we do.   We're the right size to provide depth and breadth of expertise,  and maintain a standard of excellence
clients can count on.

Ongoing and Outsourced

Why would a company consider outsourcing a function as critical as risk management?

•        Precisely,  because it is critical
•        Unprotected exposures can do significant damage to your profits
•        Funding for a full time risk manager can be very expensive

Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC provides risk managers as cost-effective alternative to hiring full-time staff to administer, plan or
manage specific programs in-house.  Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC is flexible and can assist in whatever capacity the situation
demands.  Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC can provide specific expertise in particular exposures, regions or types of programs.
If needed, Thomas C. Short & Associates,  LLC can perform the entire risk management function.

Contractual Insurance Requirements

•        Insurance requirements should be tailored to protect you,  and should be enforced.
•        We can review the “insurance and indemnification requirements” in contracts that you plan to execute.
•        We can review Certificates of Insurance to determine if they comply with the insurance requirements
•        We can instruct your staff to properly manage Certificates of Insurance.

Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC  specializes in contract reviews.   We understand the contractual liability and indemnification
issues associated with the Material Handling Industry.   Thomas C. Short & Associates, LLC are insurance facilitators. We  work with
your sub-contractors, product manufacturers and allied manufacturers to reduce insurance costs by:  proportionally balancing
contract indemnification risk with contract performance,  unitizing risk transfer, risk retention,  and risk allocation methodologies.